Button Accordion-Tutor TBC
Beginners       19:00-20:00
Advanced        18:00-19:00

Guitar- Jim Rainey
Beginners       19:00-20:00

Tin Whistle for  Kids-Fióna ní Mhearaín
Crescent Arts Centre  20:00 – 21:00

Solo Dance    
Beginners  Basics   18:30-19:30-Bernie Graham
Old Style Step          18:30-19:30-Berni McGinley
Sean Nós                   19:30-20:30-Jonathan McCloy

Set Dancing-Rosemary Hall with Tim Flaherty
Basics for Beginners   20:00-20:30 Free Class!
Set Dancing                    20:30-22:00  (No booking required,
pay per class on the night, £4 per class, £3.50 for BelfastTrad
Members, free to under 21s)


Concertina-Tom McGonigle & Lorraine Glenn
 Classes will be sorted on first night of term
18:00 -19:00  Mixed Levels (2 classes)

Tin Whistle-Tim Flaherty & Christine Dowling
Beginners                19:00 - 20:00-Tim Flaherty
Improvers               20:00- 21:00 - Tim Flaherty
Upper Intermed    18:00-19:00-Christine Dowling
Advanced                19:00 -20:00-Christine Dowling

Flute-Davy Maguire
Beginners     19:00-20:00
Advanced      20:00-21:00
(Intermediate meets on Thursdays)


Tenor Banjo/Mandolin-Aiden Walsh & Paul Conlon
Beginners     18:00-19:00-Aiden Walsh
Low Inter.     18:00-19:00-Paul Conlon
Upper Int.     19:00-20:00-Aiden Walsh
Advanced      19:00-20:00-Paul Conlon

Bodhrán-Gavin O'Connor
Beginners/Improvers        20:00-21:00
Intermediate/Advanced   21:00-22:00


Traditional Singing-Christine Dowling
Introduction To Irish Singing      18:00-19:00-Christine
Singing Circle                                     18:00-19:00-

Fiddle-Conor Caldwell & Kevin McCullagh
Lower Int.     18:00-19:00-Conor Caldwell
Beginners      19:00-20:00-Kevin McCullagh
Advanced       19:00-20:00-Conor Caldwell
Upper Int.      20:00-21:00-Kevin McCullagh

Flute-Davy Maguire
Intermediate     20:00-21:00
(Beginners and Advanced meet Tuesdays)

Uilleann Pipes-Tom Clarke
Beginners        19:00-20:00
Intermediate   20:00-21:00

Fiddle for Kids-Melanie Houton
BelfastTrad with St Bride's
Crescent Arts Centre 18:30-19:30


Harp-Ciara Taaffe
Beginners            9:15-10:15
Lower Int.           10:15-11:15
Upper Int            11:15-12:15
Advanced            12:15-13:15