Banjo & Mandolin - Aiden Walsh
Beginners        18:00-19:00
Intermediate  19:00-20:00
Advanced class meets Wednesdays

Guitar- Jim Rainey
Beginners       19:00-20:00

Tin Whistle for  Kids-Fióna ní Mhearaín
Beginners                  6:00-7:00pm
Intermediate/Adv  8:00-9:00pm

Irish Dance Classes
BelfastTrad Dance Classes back at the Crescent!

Monday nights are for Irish Dance at BelfastTrad. Get moving with old style solo step dancing, sean nós step dancing and Scottish and Cape Breton steps in our three levels of solo dance classes, or take a more social approach learning sets, two-handed dances and a waltz or two at our Set Dancing class. Great fun, great people and great exercise!

Non-competitive Irish dance classes for people 12-90+. All our dance classes emphasise the joyful, social activity of old-style dance rather than the more modern competitive ‘Riverdance’ style.  Although each class addresses developing rhythm, timing, and technique, first and foremost the emphasis is on musicality: understanding the connection between music and dance, developing a listening ear, and trying to keep the music in the dancing. Students learn a mix of traditional step dancing, sean-nós dance, and set dancing, with the offerings being varied term to term..  Most importantly, BelfastTrad wants to pass onto dancers not just the steps themselves, but the joy and vitality of carrying on this living tradition.   

SOLO Dance Classes - Book online

6:00-6:50 – Bernie Graham- Introduction to old style step dancing.  Wouldn’t you love to dance a few steps at a session? This style of dancing is all about the music and the feet and great craic, and no better woman than Bernie to get you started
6:50-7:40 ­– Berni McGinley-Traditional solo step dancing for intermediate level dancers. This term will cover a traditional set dance, The Humours of Bandon, from Cork and other traditional jig steps from the region as passed on by the great Patrick O'Dea. 
7:40-8:30 – Jonathan McCloy-Jonathan will be teaching the old dance “Saint Patrick’s Day” to Intermediate-Advanced levels

SETS & SOCIAL Dances £5 per night at the door
8:30-10:00pm. Tim Flaherty


Concertina-Tom McGonigle & Lorraine Glenn
 Classes will be sorted on first night of term
18:00 -19:00, 19:00-20:00  Mixed Levels (3 classes)

Tin Whistle-Tim Flaherty & Christine Dowling
Beginners                19:00 - 20:00-Tim Flaherty
Improvers               20:00- 21:00 - Tim Flaherty
Intermediate         18:00-19:00-Christine Dowling

Flute-Davy Maguire
Beginners     19:00-20:00
Advanced      20:00-21:00
(Intermediate meets on Wednesdays)


Tenor Banjo/Mandolin-Aiden Walsh
Advanced     18:00-19:00-Aiden Walsh
Other Levels on Mondays

Button Accordion-Edel ní Churraoin
Beginners       18:00-19:00
Advanced       20:00-21:00

Flute-Davy Maguire
Intermediate     19:00-20:00
(Beginners and Advanced meet Tuesdays)

Bodhrán-Gavin O'Connor
Beginners/Improvers        20:00-21:00
Intermediate/Advanced   21:00-22:00


Traditional Singing-Christine Dowling
All Levels      18:00-19:00-Christine

Fiddle-Conor Caldwell & Kevin McCullagh
Beginners      18:30-19:30-Kevin McCullagh
Upper Inter   19:30-20:30-Kevin McCullagh
Lower Inter   19:30-20:30-Conor Caldwell
Advanced       20:30-21:30-Conor Caldwell

Fiddle for Kids-Melanie Houton
Beginner-Intermediate    18:30-19:30

Uilleann Pipes-Tom Clarke
Beginners        19:00-20:00
Intermediate   20:00-21:00



Harp-Ciara Taaffe
Beginners            9:15-10:15
Lower Int.           10:15-11:15
Upper Int            11:15-12:15
Advanced            12:15-13:15